adhesives    fire stop    splice/termination kits    heat/cold shrink      lube

automation & control     circuit protection     electrical distribution

Electrical metering devices

coated grc conduit and fittings for hazardous & industrial use

Floor fans       ceiling fans      exhaust fans   industrial fans

junction boxes       pvc fittings

direct burial enclosures 

batteries       flashlights

Thhn       xhhw       bare copper       mc cable       romex       s.o. cord  seu   ser   urd

fusible and non-fusible disconnect switches 

starter     terminal blocks     disconnects     contactors     relays

Enclosures    wire way    nema  1  3r  t12  4x stainless steel

extension cords     led work lights

tools     punches     benders     crimpers     testers     pliers     strippers

pilot lights   pushbuttons      din rail protection limit switches     

meter bases      meter and load center combos    rv power boxes

Hole saws     replacement saw blades     snips      pipe cutting


wiring devices  wall plates kellum grips    metal raceway

tapes     wire connectors      lugs     cable ties     wire markers     aerosols   

led     fluorescent     compact fluorescent     hid     halogen     incandescent

fuses     fuse blocks     clips and power distribution blocks    

Sport Lighters

Nuts      Bolts      Stainless Steel Screws    fasteners

power quality & monitoring     load centers     breakers

High bays      fluorescent fixtures 

magnetic electronic and hid ballasts           capacitors and kits  
                                             led tubes    corn cob lights

fastening products     strut     hanging products     

fish tape     drill bits     insulated tools     gloves     bolt cutters

Photocells     timers

metalux       high bays     fluorescent fixtures

AC motors        General purpose     explosion proof     farm duty    pump



portable & temporary lighting     utility lighting     lamp protection

                              Exit signs     emergency lighting     security lighting